Natural Bristle
Dry Brush



Natural Exfoliation for Healthy Glowing Skin

This natural bristle dry brush has a hand carved base and hemp strap for a nice grip. The bristles have a perfect medium stiffness that feels amazing and will give your skin a healthy glow. Dry body brushing has a wide variety of benefits for your skin including:

  • – Improving circulation & lymphatic drainage
  • – Gentle, natural exfoliation
  • – Removing dead skin cells & toxins
  • – Clearing clogged pores
  • – Smoothes skin
  • – A calming and relaxing self-care ritual



You can use a dry brush in the morning before taking a shower or at night before bed. Start by lightly brushing your feet, legs & arms going toward your heart, then move to your backside, stomach and neck. Start gently and use smooth easy strokes.

Do not go over the same area more than a couple of times. Apply gentle pressure that is comfortable yet stimulating. Dry brushing is not recommended for sensitive areas such as breasts or nipples. Use very gently on the face, determining if it is right for you.

After dry brushing, we recommend taking a warm shower, using a gentle soap and finishing with a natural moisturizer like our Moon Silk Calming Night Mist or Wild Blue Botanical Healing Salve.

This technique is generally acceptable for all skin types but those with sensitive skin, extremely dry skin or irritations such as eczema and other skin conditions should be gentle/cautious – never using over broken or inflamed skin. Since everyone is different we recommend gentle testing to find a process that works best for you. It recommended to moisturize after brushing – especially for those with dry skin.


Gently hand rinse occasionally using water and a small amount of gentle soap. Let air dry thoroughly before next use. Avoid leaving in shower as it should remain dry and clean to ensure longevity.

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Dry Brush”

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